President's Message 2018

So here it is, 2018 already! Hardly seems possible, but the calendar doesn't lie. There are two ways we can react to the unyielding march of time: resist, reminisce, procrastinate and try to live in the past, or plan, prepare and embrace the the opportunities the present offers. At NNJ ATD this year is all about the latter, planning for your career, preparing to seize the opportunities your career presents, and embracing change. Ultimately, its about taking charge of your career and taking responsibility for your own path.

As I work together with our chapter leaders on the programs and events to be offered this year, I see plenty of great opportunities on horizon. We will be conducting sessions on career planning and development, key technologies to master in order to up your game, and opportunities to meet and interact with great leaders in our field. All of this with the aim of helping you, our membership, to become the next great leaders in our field. And there's no better way to seize the day than to join our chapter and our volunteer team. You can benefit from working with a talented and dedicated team of leaders whose passion and skill make this one of the most forward-thinking learning organizations anywhere!

As I sit here, listening to the winds howl and watching the snow fall amidst the "bomb cyclone", I recognize that many of you feel buffeted by the winds of change blowing through our industry. Jobs, roles, technologies and expectations are all changing, often faster than any of us can keep up. As a chapter, we are dedicated to helping you navigate these challenges, whether they be getting that promotion, finding a new job, or just keeping the one you have. We are working diligently to publish a full schedule of events for the year and I hope you will take time to review that schedule, and attend as many as possible. I believe that whatever your situation, you will find important information and develop key skills at these events that will help you take charge, and move your career forward in the direction you desire!

Please join me on the 18th for the first step on this journey: You Are Here - It’s Time to Tune up Your Career. This first event of the year is part of a three-part series that will help you re-calibrate your career journey. I can't think of a better way to set a course for your 2018 career journey! I hope I'll see you there!

Tim Tyler
Northern New Jersey ATD

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