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Year: 2022

1January, 2022
Jan 13 CAREER TRANSITION SIG EVENT: "Job Search Best Practices"
Jan 26 REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: "How to Create Peer Coaching in Your Organization"
Feb 15 CHAPTER WEBINAR EVENT: “We're Inviting You To Be Part of the Conversation”
Feb 23 REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: "Inclusion Mindset – Designing Accessible Learning Programs"
Mar 10 CAREER TRANSITION SIG EVENT: "Job Search Best Practices"
Mar 24 CHAPTER WEBINAR EVENT: “Mastering Your Journey”
Mar 30 REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: "Training the Citizen Developer for Organizational Success"
Apr 21 CHAPTER EVENT: "Spring 'In-Person' Networking Event"
Apr 27 REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: "The Future of Talent Development"
May 25 REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: “ALL IN – The Leader’s Role in Supporting Mental Wellness”
Jun 22 JUNE CHAPTER EVENT: "Summer Virtual Online Networking Event"
Jun 29 JUNE REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: “Breaking Through Your Mental Obstacles”
Jul 27 JULY REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: “World Class Leadership Development on a Shoestring Budget”
Aug 11 AUGUST JOINT CHAPTER EVENT: "New Jersey ATD Annual Summer Networking Event"
Aug 17 AUGUST REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: “Combatting the Great Resignation: Stay Interviews”
Sep 28 SEPTEMBER REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: “Personal Branding in the Workplace”
Oct 27 OCTOBER REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: "Learning and Development in a Post-COVID World"
Nov 01 NOVEMBER NYC CHAPTER AUTHOR TALK: “The Visibility Mindset: How Asian American Leaders Create Opportunities and Push Past Barriers”
Nov 30 NOVEMBER REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: “The Science of Hybrid What Every L&D Professional Needs to Know!”
Dec 14 DECEMBER REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: “Executive Presence” hosted by Own The Room® powered by LifeHikes®

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