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Year: 2020

1January, 2020
Jan 16 The 2020 Workplace is here!
Jan 23 ATD Buffalo - AQ: The Science of Resilience
Feb 13 Career Transition SIG - Mediocre to MAGNIFICENT!
Feb 20 ATD Buffalo - Talent Optimization: Don’t Text Me, Tell Me to My Face
Feb 20 Social Meet Up
Feb 26 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Story Design in Real Life, From Analysis to Delivery
Mar 09 D’Think Disney Institute Leadership Training
Mar 20 Mastermind Series: Let's work through the impact of the virus
Mar 25 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Evaluating AI Tools for Hiring and Talent Development
Mar 27 Mastermind Series: Let's work through the impact of the virus
Apr 03 Mastermind Series: Let's work through the impact of the virus
Apr 09 ZOOM Meeting - Career Transition SIG - How to Build Your Personal Brand Equity
Apr 10 Mastermind Series: Let's work through the impact of the virus
Apr 10 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series: JD Dillon, Chief Learning Architect, Axonify
Apr 17 WEBINAR: Resiliency, Agility, & Productivity: Practical Actions for Workplace Continuity
Apr 23 WEBINAR: Power Leadership
Apr 29 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Sales Enablement: Improving Sales Performance through Great Training
Apr 30 ATD Mid-NJ - Webinar-Based Icebreaker & Exercises to Stimulate Engagement with a Virtual Audience
May 08 Regional Webinar Series-A Discussion: COVID-19 and its Impact on Learning & Performance Management
May 14 How Work Culture Helps or Hinders Individual and Organizational Health (Especially During COVID-19)
May 15 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Group Coaching: Creating Connection Through Conversations
May 16 ZOOM Tips: Getting Ready for Your Close up!
May 22 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Optimizing Performance Management Processes for Growth
May 27 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Smart Choices for Digital Delivery: VILT, Asynchronous e-Learning & Beyond
Jun 04 Meet and Greet: Introducing our newest members
Jun 09 Open to Members: Board Meeting
Jun 11 VIRTUAL ZOOM NETWORKING - NNJ ATD Career Transition SIG - 06.11.20
Jun 18 Learning Strategies and Technologies – What Actually Works?
Jun 24 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Harnessing Community and Connection in Online Environments for Impact
Jul 10 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series:Tij Nerurkar, Academy Head - North America at Cognizant Technology Solutions
Jul 16 An Open Dialogue on Deep Learning in Crisis
Jul 29 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Regional Webinar Series: Master Your Digital Body Language
Aug 26 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Unleash The Power on Your Team!
Sep 03 PARTNER PROGRAM: Using Data-Driven Analytics to Skill Your Workforce
Sep 10 Career Transition SIG - How to Get a Job in Coronavirus Era
Sep 15 PARTNER PROGRAM: Upskilling and Mobilizing Internal Talent
Sep 17 How to Survive Fall 2020 with COVID: Kids and Family AND Keep Quality Training Going
Sep 29 PARTNER PROGRAM: Mid-NJ Technology Showcase 2020
Sep 30 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Instilling Self-Accountability in Yourself and Others
Oct 15 What Did YOU Learn at Work Today?
Oct 28 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: How to Show Evidence of Learning Impact

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