Executive Roundtable

  • 17 Nov 2016
  • 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • BASF North American Headquarters, 100 Park Ave, Florham Park NJ


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Executive Advisory Council Roundtables
formerly the Cracker Barrel


November 17, 2016


100 Park Avenue, Florham Park, New Jersey



Innovative Heads of Learning & Development Provide Tested Approaches to Solving Business Challenges in Interactive Roundtable Discussions.

Each Roundtable session is 30 minutes so you will have an opportunity to sit in on 4 Roundtable discussions.

(There will be 5 minute break between each session)


Light Dinner / Networking - 5:30- 6:00

Introductions and Welcome - 6:00 – 6:30 pm

  • Tony Irace and Meg Paradise Co-Chairs, Executive Advisory Council

  • Nancy Cattle  – President, NNJ ATD

  • Charles Walter – BASF -  Learning & Development

  • James Parker – BASF -  Director Learning & Development

  • Event Sponsors: Tata Interactive |  InfoPro Learning | HARVARD BUSINESS PUBLISHING

Timed Sessions: 6:30 - 8:45

  • Session 1 - 6:30 – 7:00 pm

  • Session 2 – 7:05– 7:35 pm

  • Session 3 - 7:40 – 8:10 pm

  • Session 4 - 8:15 – 8:45 pm

Adjournment – 8:45 – 9:00 pm

Table Topics:

Enhancing Leadership with Impact

Interactive discussion on Leadership as a continuous learning journey based on growing and enhancing skills that can drive business results and outcomes.   There are two critical foundational competencies needed to build leadership impact successfully.

  1. Cultivating high levels of personal self-awareness.

  2. Mastering professional engagement through influencing capabilities.

Potential discussion insights and take-aways:

  • Leadership self-awareness – specific to vulnerability, relationships, feedback, interactions with others, and learning from coaching.

  • Leadership influencing capabilities – specific to communication, listening, partnerships, talent development, inspiration, and being educators

  • Tomorrow’s Leader’s Competencies – the key areas
    of focus for emerging and seasoned leaders to tackle organizational challenges in 2020 and beyond. 

Table Leaders

  • Paul Fein, Owner & Founder, The IDD Leadership Group LLC  

  • Guy Gosselin, Senior Manager, Organizational Development & Learning, Benjamin Moore & Co.

  • Rick Sawyer, Director Learning & Development, Corporate Services, Wyndham Worldwide

  • Kathy Sherwood, Director of Leadership and OD, InfoPro Learning

Performance Coaching:  Moving from Coaching to Performance

Often, coaching involves actionable feedback but the delivery of the feedback is critical to encourage and motivate an improvement in performance. So as the coach, what things get in the way of our ability to provide motivational feedback?  Something to consider is identifying if you are coaching to ability or potential? 

Performance improvement coaching is based on your vision of their potential. So your first step is to inspire them to discover the potential you see. 

So often we coach to ability or the ability we perceive they recognize and our feedback to the employee sounds like… “Just do it”.

In this session we will discuss the things that get in the way of an effective performance coaching discussion and provide some insights and techniques for coaching / feedback that will drive and motivate performance.

Table Leaders

  • Frederica A. Peterson, M.A., Unique Insights Coaching 

  • Scott Gingold, Vice President, WJM Associates, Inc.

  • Tamarra Causley Robinson, Independent Coach Consultant

  • Lynn Williams, Global Head, Leadership Development Programs, Sanofi

  • Steve Sitek, NPC Ethics & Compliance, Novartis

The Internal and External Consultant: Skills, Opportunities, and Challenges

How would rate the external consultants you have interacted with?  How would you rate yourself as an internal consultant?  In this interactive session we will share stories to help you answer these important questions. 

In our rapidly evolving business climate, the role of internal and external consultants has become a critical component to help organizations achieve business strategies. We will learn from each other and to that end, identify the critical tools, mindset, and capabilities that are necessary as we help companies implement change successfully.

Like external consulting, the role of internal consultant exposes you to a range of projects with assorted clients. In this dialogue, we will explore if the skills and tools needed are the same or different whether you are internal or external consultant. We will discuss best practices, and the importance of project management and sponsorship. You will learn critical key takeaways as we examine the successes and challenges consultants face.

Whether you are an internal or external consultant - this is an important discussion on how you can become a better business advisor.

Table Leaders

  • Meg Paradise, Human Resources Consultant

  • Allan Berger, Consultant, Berger Business Advisors, LLC

  • Marian Janes, Chief Opportunity Officer, Jancom Associates

  • John Kedash, Senior Strategic Relationship Manager, Harvard Business Publishing

  • Debbie Greagor, Global Development University, Novartis

Energizing Learning Solutions through Emerging Technologies

Persistent access to information and perpetual interconnectedness are changing the way people learn, shop, seek entertainment and even behave. Given the current innovations the world of technology and the fast adoption of smart devices, immersive and wearable technology there are significant changes in the way people interact with, learn and gather information.

Key take-ways from this session include:

  • An understanding of how these technologies could increase learner engagement and effectiveness.

  • Are formats like micro-learning and games in a multi-modal environment a way to learn in future?

  • An overview of terms like augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality and a glimpse of the devices that support such technologies.

Table Leaders

  • Kshitij Nerurkar, Managing Director, Tata North America

  • David Birnbaum, Vice President of Learning, Century 21 America

  • Rachel Horwitz, Global L & D Director for IT, MARS  


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