Our Current Volunteers                                                                            

In gratitude to our current volunteers. NNJ ATD is an all volunteer-led organization. We appreciate our diverse group of leaders and volunteers who contribute their time and talents towards our mission to strengthen the performance of workplace learning professionals.

NNJ ATD has a long history of recognizing our volunteers through various awards

Would you like to contribute? Whether you simply want to lend a hand or take on something more involved, we need you! View our list of open positions, and take a moment to appreciate the volunteers below!


Executive Team Support

Meg Paradise, Co-Chairperson (EAC)
Sue Wetherell, Administrator


Programs/Professional Development/SIGs

Sue Wetherell,   Paid Part Time Administrator
Marc Strano,       Programs Chair
Alicja Lisnow,    Career Transitions SIG
Beth Turano,     Registration Desk Chair
Diane Russo,   Event Greete



Tom Dunne, Balanced Scorecard?
OPEN           Administration Assistant
OPEN          Communications
OPEN          Compliance


Shellye Young, Finance analyst



Talent Development

OPEN, Volunteer Excellence Awards Chair


Carrie Ballone,    Chapter Website Analyst


OPEN    Communications & Newsletter Manager
OPEN    Social Media Coordinator


OPEN    Press Releases, General Marketing & Programming Support
OPEN    Chapter Sponsor Coordinator


Anna Eisenberg,     Membership Volunteer
Lanier Dalencourt,  Membership Volunteer
OPEN,                  Administration
OPEN,                  Communications Liaison
OPEN,                  Database
OPEN,                  Orientations
OPEN,                  Survey
OPEN,                  Table

General Pool

 Laura Wilson,    Micro-tasker
OPEN,                 Photographer


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