Critical Success Factors of Highly-Competent and Growth-Focused Leaders

27 Apr 2016 12:40 PM | Nancy Cattle (Administrator)

Leaders need to constantly grow personal self-awareness as well as develop stronger abilities to reflect on others. 

As per Kaissa Thacker, the heart of authentic leadership is “selves-awareness”.

All businesses are adapting to new economic realities.  Growing leadership capabilities and closing gaps in current skills as well as future competencies have become critical requirements for building effective and efficient organizations.

Ø  Leaders need to assess and uncover organizational leadership challenges.

Ø  Leaders need to define and target very specific business-driver skill gaps.

Ø  Leaders need to provide customized leadership development activities.

Ø  Leaders need to elevate leadership impact to drive dynamic business outcomes.

Attached is an article entitled – Critical Success Factors of Highly-Competent and Growth-Focused Leaders. 

v  Review the twenty success factors and identify your strengths as well as potential opportunities.

v  “Crack your code” for personal development and growth.

v  Remember, successful execution of organizational strategies and the vision for aggressive revenue growth will depend on leadership talent.

v  Tap into the support and capabilities of the IDD Leadership Group and create your learning journey for the future.

Click here to access the article. 

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