Chapter Meetings

Join us for presentations delivered by expert speakers at our chapter meetings. Our topics are relevant and are tied into the ATD national capability model. Each meeting includes time for networking and opportunities to meet our sponsors.

Upcoming events

    • 15 Feb 2022
    • 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
    • Online

    Chapter Event | Webinar | Tuesday, February, 15, 2022, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM | Online

    Join us for our Chapter Meeting! 

    “We're Inviting You To Be Part
    of the Conversation”

    TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2022

    5:30 PM  6:30 PM

    About This Event

    Calling all members and those interested in the chapter, we want to hear from you! Come join us for our next Chapter Meeting on Tuesday, February 15, 2022.

    Meet our Board members and volunteers and learn more about what’s in the works for 2022. The meeting will include introductions and open discussion. We’ll share our ideas and plans, and we’d like to get your feedback and ideas as well!

    Help us shape the content and engagement that you most want from your NNJ ATD chapter this year.  We look forward to seeing you!


    • 5:15 - 5:30 – Lobby opens for virtual mingling
    • 5:30 - 6:25 – NNJ ATD Board members facilitate discussion
    • 6:25 - 6:30 – Closing


    • Complimentary.

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      • 23 Feb 2022
      • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
      • Online

      Regional Webinar Event |
      Wednesday, February 23, 2022 | 6:00 - 7:00  PM | Online

      Inclusion Mindset – Designing Accessible Learning Programs

      WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2022

      Dr. Maureen Orey, CPTD

      Speaker, Author, & Adjunct Professor
      Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP) Group

      NNJ ATD is proud to participate in the ATD Regional Webinar Series.

      This collaboration of 6 ATD chapters (including Eastern PA,
      Greater Philadelphia, Mid NJ, Northern NJ, Long Island & New York City)
      is bringing together the best of our networks to provide
      world class presenters and content. 

      We look forward to sharing these webinars
      with you throughout 2022.


      About This Event

      The session explores how to design and evaluate current programs for accessibility and compliance. It provides tools to tackle the challenge of creating accessible content that engages learners with various access needs due to disability and medical conditions to optimize the learning process. We examine high level options for to assess learning, testing systems, program implementation and final integration into an LMS. Tools and checklists to establish a plan of action to complete a comprehensive review process are provided.

      This is a highly interactive program; participants will explore the big picture aspects of creating an accessible learning program and Section 508 compliance strategies. All four types of access needs are identified and modeled during the session, we demonstrate access to learning for participants with auditory, visual, physical, and cognitive needs.

      Key Take-aways:

      • Identify the four types of learning access needs and the law requiring access.
      • Integrate inclusive ideas and methodologies to design accessible learning materials.
      • Utilize checklists and tools to assess current program compliance.

      About Our Presenter

      Dr. Maureen Orey, CPTD

      Dr. Orey is an expert in designing, developing and delivering engaging and accessible learning solutions. Her mission is simple. To help organizations develop a positive and inclusive culture of strong and resilient leaders & employees.

      She has over 30 years working with corporations and associations to help them build the capacity of resilience through custom consulting, instructional design, training and facilitation. She has a strong background in developing quality leaders, who improve communication, create inclusive environments and implement solid processes to get measurable results. Over the years she has been instrumental in helping thought leaders become better than they thought they could be.  To contact Dr. Orey, email her at


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      • Non NNJ ATD Members – $20.00

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    Past events

    26 Jan 2022 REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: "How to Create Peer Coaching in Your Organization"
    15 Dec 2021 REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: "Stress Less and Achieve More with Self-Care"
    09 Dec 2021 CHAPTER EVENT: “Holiday Get Together and Annual Awards”
    17 Nov 2021 REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: "Inclusive Leaders: A Conscious Look at Unconscious Bias"
    27 Oct 2021 REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: "Learning Organization Maturity Model"
    14 Oct 2021 CHAPTER EVENT: "The 360-Gender Sphere and the Six Strategies to Create Resilience"
    29 Sep 2021 REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: "Control Your Attention, Control Your Life!"
    25 Aug 2021 REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: "Learning to Pivot, Pivot to Learning"
    17 Aug 2021 COMPLETE THE 2021 SURVEY NOW!! Take a moment to complete the current NNJ ATD Survey
    28 Jul 2021 REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: "Becoming a Smarter Learner: Understanding the 70-20-10 Rule"
    30 Jun 2021 REGIONAL WEBINAR EVENT: Re-Engage Employees Through Manager Empowerment
    17 Jun 2021 CHAPTER EVENT: Developing Your Talent: How ‘Future Ready’ is Your Company?
    26 May 2021 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Think out of the box with Jimbo Clark
    06 May 2021 Partner Event: Changing/Pivoting Your L&D Strategy to Meet the Current Environment
    28 Apr 2021 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Addressing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Going Beyond the Benchmark
    08 Apr 2021 Partner Event: Virtual Mentoring in a Time of Crisis: Lessons from the Pandemic
    24 Mar 2021 Regional Webinar Series: Your Virtual Presence: How to Authentically Engage and Connect in any Situation
    17 Mar 2021 Meet and Greet
    24 Feb 2021 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Professional Development for Instructional Designers
    18 Feb 2021 ATD Capability Model
    04 Feb 2021 Partner Event: Optimizing the Virtual Learner Experience
    27 Jan 2021 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: The Role & Use of Assessments in Learning & Development
    19 Jan 2021 Performance Management
    30 Dec 2020 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Why Learning Operations Matters & How You Can Put It Into Action Today
    09 Dec 2020 Holiday Talent Show!
    09 Dec 2020 PARTNER PROGRAM: Recruiters: The Inside Information
    25 Nov 2020 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: It’s time for Online Blended Training!
    19 Nov 2020 Navigating the Employment Law Waters During COVID-19
    12 Nov 2020 PARTNER PROGRAM: Reinvent and Re-Brand Yourself In Uncertain Times
    12 Nov 2020 PARTNER PROGRAM: #IamRemarkable Virtual Workshop
    28 Oct 2020 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: How to Show Evidence of Learning Impact
    15 Oct 2020 What Did YOU Learn at Work Today?
    30 Sep 2020 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Instilling Self-Accountability in Yourself and Others
    29 Sep 2020 PARTNER PROGRAM: Mid-NJ Technology Showcase 2020
    17 Sep 2020 How to Survive Fall 2020 with COVID: Kids and Family AND Keep Quality Training Going
    15 Sep 2020 PARTNER PROGRAM: Upskilling and Mobilizing Internal Talent
    03 Sep 2020 PARTNER PROGRAM: Using Data-Driven Analytics to Skill Your Workforce
    26 Aug 2020 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Unleash The Power on Your Team!
    29 Jul 2020 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Regional Webinar Series: Master Your Digital Body Language
    16 Jul 2020 An Open Dialogue on Deep Learning in Crisis
    10 Jul 2020 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series:Tij Nerurkar, Academy Head - North America at Cognizant Technology Solutions
    24 Jun 2020 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Harnessing Community and Connection in Online Environments for Impact
    18 Jun 2020 Learning Strategies and Technologies – What Actually Works?
    09 Jun 2020 Open to Members: Board Meeting
    04 Jun 2020 Meet and Greet: Introducing our newest members
    27 May 2020 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Smart Choices for Digital Delivery: VILT, Asynchronous e-Learning & Beyond
    22 May 2020 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Optimizing Performance Management Processes for Growth
    16 May 2020 ZOOM Tips: Getting Ready for Your Close up!
    15 May 2020 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Group Coaching: Creating Connection Through Conversations
    14 May 2020 How Work Culture Helps or Hinders Individual and Organizational Health (Especially During COVID-19)
    08 May 2020 Regional Webinar Series-A Discussion: COVID-19 and its Impact on Learning & Performance Management
    29 Apr 2020 REGIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Sales Enablement: Improving Sales Performance through Great Training
    23 Apr 2020 WEBINAR: Power Leadership
    17 Apr 2020 WEBINAR: Resiliency, Agility, & Productivity: Practical Actions for Workplace Continuity
    10 Apr 2020 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series: JD Dillon, Chief Learning Architect, Axonify
    20 Mar 2020 Mastermind Series: Let's work through the impact of the virus
    16 Jan 2020 The 2020 Workplace is here!
    21 Nov 2019 Back by Popular Demand: Executive Round Table
    12 Sep 2019 Social Meet Up: The Fall Edition
    09 May 2019 Meet Industry Expert Merrick Rosenberg
    18 Apr 2019 Spring Social Meet Up
    21 Mar 2019 Meet Industry Expert Will Thalheimer
    19 Feb 2019 Social Meet Up
    25 Oct 2018 Bridging the Gap between Talent and Career Development
    14 Jun 2018 Leadership Trends Roundtable
    15 Mar 2018 The ART of Business Planning: Strategic and Creative Solutions
    15 Feb 2018 Preparing for the Next Step in Your Career
    18 Jan 2018 It’s Time to Tune up Your Career
    08 Dec 2017 Employee Learning Week - Design Inspiration: It’s Everywhere!
    07 Dec 2017 Employee Learning Week - Getting Internal Buy-in for eLearning
    06 Dec 2017 Closed: Employee Learning Week - Being Strategic:How to be strategic and get credit for it
    05 Dec 2017 Employee Learning Week - Undeniably Successful Training
    04 Dec 2017 Employee Learning Week - Leading SME's to Water
    16 Nov 2017 Executive Advisory Council Roundtable
    19 Sep 2017 Transformational Shifts in Learning & Development
    29 Jun 2017 Executive Breakfast: 21st Century Learning
    18 May 2017 Building Better Relationships in Global Organizations
    20 Apr 2017 Speed Networking Event
    16 Mar 2017 Early Career Experience: How BD Develops Global, Customer-Focused Leaders
    16 Feb 2017 SIG: Best Practices Sharing on Millennials
    19 Jan 2017 Should I Certify? Which Credential Should I Choose?
    09 Dec 2016 Virtual Member Orientation!
    07 Dec 2016 Employee Learning Week - Short-notice L&D Projects Webinar
    06 Dec 2016 Employee Learning Week - Needs Assessment Webinar
    05 Dec 2016 Employee Learning Week - Predictive Analytics Webinar
    17 Nov 2016 Executive Roundtable
    20 Sep 2016 Sizzling Strategies To Gain Executive Support
    19 Jul 2016 SIG: Best Practices Sharing
    15 Jun 2016 Executive Breakfast: Jeff Fernandez - Small Steps to Big Wins: How Microlearning Transforms Organizations
    13 Jun 2016 Recap from ATD International Conference & Expo
    18 May 2016 ATD-ICE Innovation Session Preview Webinar: Adaptive Learning: Unleashing the Holy Grail of Deep Learning Measurement
    19 Apr 2016 SIG: Best Practices Sharing
    07 Apr 2016 Mastering Storytelling for Maximum Impact
    09 Mar 2016 25 Icebreakers to Drive Audience Interaction
    20 Jan 2016 Taking The Guess Out Of Assess
    16 Nov 2015 Executive Advisory Council Roundtable
    21 Jul 2015 Technology SIG: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC)
    11 Jun 2015 Join Us for Coaching for Organizational Performance & Leadership Development
    08 May 2015 Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go
    26 Mar 2015 Knock-Out Networking Featuring Michael Goldberg
    26 Feb 2015 Learning Strategy That Stands the Test of Time
    11 Dec 2014 Canceled: Annual Holiday Event with Value This - Heirloom Discovery Radio Show
    20 Nov 2014 Executive Advisory Council’s Annual Cracker Barrel Event – Hosted by BASF
    13 Oct 2014 Technology SIG: Mobile Learning - Platforms, Content and Usability
    16 Sep 2014 Hopping On Board With Big Data (Chapter Meeting)
    24 Jul 2014 Gamification Learning Technology Series Part 2
    07 Jul 2014 Technology SIG: - Gamifying the Learning Experience
    19 Jun 2014 Executive Breakfast: David Rock Breakthroughs in Designing Learning Initiatives
    28 May 2014 NNJ ASTD Reception / Open House
    29 Apr 2014 Consulting SIG: Improving Customer Relationships – Effective Ways to Understand Your Customers
    12 Mar 2014 1st Annual Women’s History Month Celebration
    12 Feb 2014 SOLD OUT! How Smart Leaders Create Engaged Employees - Chapter Meeting
    12 Dec 2013 Chapter Meeting - THE NEW TALENT LEADER
    21 Nov 2013 Chapter Meeting: Executive Advisory Council Cracker Barrel - 4 Programs in One!
    30 Oct 2013 Chapter Meeting: Does Your Organization Support, Ignore or Obstruct Project Management
    24 Sep 2013 Chapter Meeting FDU: The Human Element Story

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