Power Membership

Power Membership offers members twice the support, twice the resources, and twice the networking than just one membership.

ATD membership provides the tools you need for success. Chapter membership applies those tools to your organization and community. Together you are a Power Member!


 Chapter Membership  ATD Membership
  • Programming targeted to your community
  • Network with local professionals
  • Discover career opportunities 
  • Business development opportunities
  • Industry-leading content 
  • Career-advancing educational programs 
  • Network with nearly 30,000 members
  • News from TD magazine, e-newsletters, and webinars
  • Member discounts in the ATD store and more!

Experience being a Power Member! When you join global ATD AND your local ATD chapter, you choose to be knowledge leaders in the learning and development profession and change makers in your own backyard. Joint membership offers you a unique opportunity to connect with local, national, and international professionals. 


Visit the ATD store to become a global ATD member. 

Power Members save $30!

To get your Power Membership discount, fill out the form provided and include the ChIP code 1006 for our chapter. Then simply email it to customercare@td.org - they will send you an invoice with a quick pay link provided.


 Email us at membership@nnjatd.org

To learn more about Power Member membership, download the Power Membership brochure today! 

*ChIP is a revenue-sharing program that offers chapters an opportunity to earn revenue when certain ATD products and services are purchased online or by phone using a chapter's unique ChIP code

Access the Terms and Privacy section of this website to review updates. 

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