Volunteer Opportunities

Expand your network!
Share your knowledge and expertise!
Enhance your leadership skills!
  • Benefit from building quality working relationships with our board members and our professional chapter members.
  • Enjoy a forum where you work with and learn from diverse learning and development professionals.
  • Work on the board and gain numerous opportunities to lead and influence others.

Volunteer Openings:  At – a - Glance
as of February 2022

  • Programs Managers
  • Chapter Website Analyst
  • Membership Director, Member’s Corner
  • Micro-tasking for the Chapter

Programs Managers

  • Role: Assist VP of Programs in the Coordination of resources for planned special events. Attend and assist during events as needed to ensure overall success and satisfaction of attendees.  The Manager of Programs organizes a program/event, managing the resources and tasks.
  • Experience/Capabilities Needed:
    • Solicit program topics from membership and evaluate relevance and interest to members
    • Tie topics to the National ATD Competency Model
    • Present relevant program/events on a regular basis (at least one each quarter)
    • Monitor income and expenses from programs to ensure that financial objectives are achieved
    • Evaluate each meeting to ensure quality and professional relevance
    • Collect and report on participant feedback of programs and use feedback to plan future events

    Qualifications: Solid event planning skills, and aptitude for using the Chapter’s website to enter program data and export data for reporting

  • Time Expected: 1-2 hour per week.
  • Benefits: Enhance the value of programs and events within the chapter. And, expand program opportunities and benefits.

Website Analyst

  • Role: This role reports to the Web Master and works with board members to define and design changes to the website design and/or content.
    • Ability to discuss, define, and document requirements
    • Ability to make updates to the Wild Apricot system
  • Experience/Capabilities Needed:
    • Experience with systems
    • Ability to learn the Wild Apricot software
  • Time Expected: 1 hour per week.
  • Benefits: Learn/enhance hands-on website administration skills; learn about the operations of the chapter; good entry-level introduction to the chapter.




Do You Have Only a Few Minutes a Week and Still Want to Volunteer?

Membership Director - Member's Corner

  • Role: Work with VP of membership to conduct member interviews and compile report on member activity updates. 
  • Experience/Capabilities Needed:
    • Excellent writing and editing skills, technology-proficient, Interview experience.
    • Photography or video recording skills a plus.
  • Time Expected: 3 hours per month.
  • Benefits: Gain visibility and build your network with high-level learning and development professionals and excellent networking opportunity.

Micro-tasks for Technology team

  • Check email accounts weekly and forward any messages to the appropriate party.  Time estimate:  15 minutes weekly
  • Special Projects: assist implementing a feature of the web site with the VP. Time estimate: 1-5 hours for a feature.
  • Review the site monthly and contact the executive trio for content.  Time estimate: 1 hour monthly
  • Support: help with questions and issues as they arise. Time estimate: as much or as little as you want.


If you are interested in one of these volunteer opportunities, please contact Pam Sammarco, CPLP, VP Talent and Leadership Development, at 908-875-0856 or pam@greentrainingassociates.com.


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