Volunteer Opportunities

Expand your network!
Share your knowledge and expertise!
Enhance your leadership skills!
  • Benefit from building quality working relationships with our board members and our professional chapter members.
  • Enjoy a forum where you work with and learn from diverse learning and development professionals.
  • Work on the board and gain numerous opportunities to lead and influence others.

Volunteer Openings:  At – a - Glance
as of August 2020

  • Chapter Communications, social media
  • Programs Managers
  • Chapter Website Analyst
  • Big Data Analysis of Membership Trends
  • Member Retention
  • New Member Marketing
  • Micro-tasking for the Chapter
  • Finance Assistant
  • In Transition Special Interest leader

SIG - InTransition SIG Leader (effective 2021)

  • Role: The chair will lead the Special Interest Group.  Intent is to provide helpful speakers and information for those in transition.
  • Experience/Capabilities Needed:
    • Ability to plan and execute at least quarterly programs.
    • Well-networked to identify and engage pro-bono speakers
    • Solid organizational and follow up skills to deploy programs
    • Strong facilitator 
  • Time Expected: 2-4 hours per month 
  • Benefits: Create visibility for yourself as a thought-leader in expertise in various forms of program planning.

Website Analyst

  • Role: This role reports to the WebMaster and works with board members to define and design changes to the website design and/or content.
    • Ability to discuss, define, and document requirements
    • Ability to make updates to the Wild Apricot system
  • Experience/Capabilities Needed:
    • Experience with systems
    • Ability to learn the Wild Apricot software
  • Time Expected: 1 hour per week.
  • Benefits: Learn/enhance hands-on website administration skills; learn about the operations of the chapter; good entry-level introduction to the chapter.


Membership - Member's Corner

  • Role: Work with VP of membership to conduct member interviews and compile report on member activity updates. 
  • Experience/Capabilities Needed:
    • Excellent writing and editing skills, technology-proficient, Interview experience.
    • Photography or video recording skills a plus.
  • Time Expected: 3 hours per month.
  • Benefits: Gain visibility and build your network with high-level learning and development professionals and excellent networking opportunity.




Do You Have Only a Few Minutes a Week and Still Want to Volunteer?

Contact us to learn more about our new Micro-Tasks! Some examples for the Technology team are below.


Micro-tasks for Technology team

  • Check email accounts weekly and forward any messages to the appropriate party.  Time estimate:  15 minutes weekly
  • Special Projects: assist implementing a feature of the web site with the VP. Time estimate: 1-5 hours for a feature.
  • Review the site monthly and contact the executive trio for content.  Time estimate: 1 hour monthly
  • Support: help with questions and issues as they arise. Time estimate: as much or as little as you want.


If you are interested in one of these volunteer opportunities, please contact Pam Sammarco, CPLP, VP Talent and Leadership Development, at 908-875-0856 or pam@greentrainingassociates.com.


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