President's Message 2019

I am honored to be the president for 2019. Our organization has been in place for 65 years and is made up of a group of dedicated and committed individuals who are focused on strengthening the performance of workplace learning professionals.

As our Past President, Tim Tyler alluded to, we continue to live in a world of uncertainty. Now more than ever, learning and talent professionals need to be part of a community. Why?

Companies are transforming, learning groups are being restructured, and in many cases, positions are being eliminated. Leaning and talent professionals are constantly pushed to go faster, design new and innovative learning, and provide this learning whenever someone wants it. Technology is continually providing us with more options. How do we keep up?

In our ATD community, you will learn from peers and experts in the field, discuss challenges and opportunities, and network with them. There are hundreds of people in the learning and talent field in Northern New Jersey; we need to reach out to them and get them involved to build a stronger organization.

But involvement requires value. We have designed a strategy where we will build our visibility in the community and improve our operational efficiency. People need to know we exist. We will continue to offer relevant and engaging events and networking opportunities. And this year we will better utilize the internet to offer our expertise to our members.

There’s lots to do. We have a talented board and a strong membership that I’m excited to work with.

I ask that you join us in making NNJ ATD our learning community!

What’s on your mind? How can NNJ ATD help you? Please reach out to me at


Tony Irace
President Northern New Jersey ATD

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