Career Transition SIG - Power vs. Perception: Ten Characteristics of Self-Empowerment for Job Seekers

  • 09 Jun 2016
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Cedar Hill Christian Reformed Church, 422 Cedar Hill Ave, Wyckoff, NJ

Mary Anne Kochut


Power vs. Perception: Ten Characteristics of Self-Empowerment for Job Seekers



When in job transition, you may find yourself facing challenges in your job search that are unique to being in transition. However, it can be frustrating experiencing the roller coaster ride of the job search experience.

This program will provide an overview of the behaviors an effective job seeker needs to master and emulate in attaining self-empowerment while in the job search. It provides a review of the different types of power that all individuals possess and how to apply them effectively.

Upon Completion of this Program Participants Will:

• Understand the characteristics of an effective leader and understand why they are critical when in job transition

• Describe the types of power bestowed upon individuals and how it is perceived in society and organizations

• Understand the concept of resiliency and the behaviors associated with the Ten Characteristics of Self-Empowerment and why they are important when job searching.

• Determine which areas they need to develop their personal plan for self-empowerment

• Recognize some of the negative stereotypes that are projected onto job seekers both in organizations and in society as a whole.

Don’t miss an evening where you can expand your network, make new friends, share knowledge with your peers, and hear highly relevant and beneficial insights and perspectives from experts in the marketplace.

About the Presenter:

Mary Anne Kochut

Phone:  908-445-4132

Cell:      908-625-8963

Mary Anne is an author, motivational speaker, coach, trainer and organization/management development professional who is skilled in group dynamics, consultation and facilitation. She specializes in the areas of executive coaching, change management and career transition.

Mary Anne holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Organization Development from the American University/National Training Laboratories program in Washington, DC. Additionally, she holds the National Training Laboratories Certificate for Organization Development and is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Her first book, Power vs. Perception: Ten Characteristics of Self-Empowerment for Women was released in August 2013.

Before becoming Managing Director of Champions for Success, LLC, Mary Anne was an Assistant Vice President of Training and Development in the Financial Services Industry as well as a Training Specialist for AT&T in their School of Business and Technology.

In addition, Mary Anne is on the faculty of Passaic County Community College, Essex County College, and Pillar College.  She has also held the title of Senior Director of Human Resources at The Professional Service Group at the NJ Department of Labor.

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